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Weight Loss Treatment

The reduction of total body mass aimed towards fluids, body fat is the targeted and healthy area of weight loss. Having the right…


Post Natal Abdominal Firming

Post natal abdominal or body firming is quite effective in treating excess fat deposits that are stored around the abdomen…


Anti Cellulite Treatment

With quick weight loss, there are obvious areas affected by cellulite. These areas are usually dry and damaged – needing more moisture …


Body Wraps

Body wrap is a slimming treatment where your body is covered with a body mask for about 20 minutes to keep you warm. This body wrap is a slimming treatment mask you warm his body mask …


Body Firming & Toning

It is a method that can be particularly effective in treating fat deposits around the abdomen and hip areas. It helps in toning …


Body Shaping

Body shaping is a treatment with rising popularity today. The main reason being the quick results and the fact that it is 100% ..

How we serve our clients

Every one of us wants to be thin and slim. We sign up for expensive gym sessions and even invest in expensive cardio equipment; yet we do not get the desired results! It is more important to have the right plan behind weight loss treatment. Having the right slimming technique is what matters the most.

We at fit and contoured beauty and slimming (FCBS), understand just how important it is for you to have that presentable appearance. We do not believe in rigorous workout to reach your fitness goals. We believe in clinically safe and healthy procedures to help you achieve your dreams! As of today, there are many different forms of treatment to counter weight relates issues. These methods are quite expensive and are not guaranteed. Moreover, there are many explained side effects that could be quite harmful. These can be avoided only with the right care and guidance towards any form of slimming treatment. Hence, you must be really careful about the treatment you take to weight lose.

With our daily lifestyle and living conditions, it comes as no surprise that obesity is a massive problem. Stressful jobs, unhealthy eating and daily pressure gets the better of us on many fronts. Moreover, these problems are rife in both men and women. Most of us are not able to manage the extended timelines of work and end up sacrificing time that had been cut out for fitness. In such cases, it is always recommended that we look after ourselves with the best weight loss treatments in Dubai.

Living in Dubai, we are bound to enjoy the fantastic lifestyle and the amazing culture. But are we required care on our health at the end of the day? Unfortunately, not much. At fit and contoured beauty and slimming (FCBS), we ensure that you make up for all the little gaps that have been left behind because of our tight schedules. We have extensive and safe slimming procedures that are result oriented and guaranteed.

We do not recommend medicines, crash diets or any form of strenuous exercises. We present a program that brings out the body’s fat burning power that allows you to lose weight quicker and better. Our clinic supports a healthy, professional and safe result that does not come with any side effects. Our clinic in Dubai has a team of qualified and experienced professionals that include dieticians, physiotherapists, spa therapists and slimming therapists. They chalk out a weight loss plan that is customized for your need.

The simplest advantage that we provide is quality results with best diet. We do not give you any form of a crash diet, any appetite suppressions, or anti obesity drugs. We look towards a targeted inch loss that is guided with care and precision. With a plan like this, you can say goodbye to that bulging tummy! Such a program even ensures that cellulite is not present leave a smoother, firmer and younger looking skin. The program is perfect if you are looking to get back in shape in style quickly! Get in touch with us and book an appointment today.